eSportStars allows professional esports players and fans
to enjoy the game and earn rewards

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About eSportStars

  1. Play games against esports players and fans around the world
  2. You will be rewarded for participating in game matches and competitions
  3. You can get rewards by uploading live video of the game tournament
  4. You can buy and sell esports related goods and services

We offer the service that I can get an income from while esports player and a fan enjoy a game in eSportStars.

What you can do with eSportStars


At eSportStars, anyone can host a game tournament tournament. You will be rewarded for participating in tournament tournaments and winning prizes. You can also earn rewards by providing live video tournament tournaments to eSportStars.

One on One

With eSportStars, users can become "competition ticket sellers" who provide game competition opportunities, and "competition ticket purchasers" who search for game opponents and apply for competition, and competition ticket purchasers purchase competition tickets. By doing so, the transaction will be completed.
Ticket rewards for sale can also be donated as charity. Ticket sellers can also sell a variety of esports tickets, including hosting game tournaments, playing games together, talking about games, and coaching games. (One on One is in preparation)

* Rewards are being prepared

About the operating company

eSportStars is developed and operated by TimeTicket GmbH, a wholly owned Swiss subsidiary of TimeTicket Inc. TimeTicket Inc. provides the skill sharing economy service "Time Ticket" with more than 300,000 members. Service revenues have grown 30-fold over three years and have successfully raised $ 30,000. Also its parent company, Globalway Inc., is listed on TSE Mothers, and an experienced leader in the web and IT industry, and the services operated by Globalway attract 50 million users annually. TimeTicket GmbH utilizes the experiences of these two parent companies.

Moreover, TimeTicket GmbH plans to develop a decentralized protocol that runs on the blockchain called TimeCoinProtocol and issue a cryptocurrency called TimeCoin. Timecoin can be used as a payment currency on apps running on the Timecoin protocol. eSportStars is one of the applications that runs on the Timecoin protocol. With eSportStars, TimeCoins can be used not only as a payment currency but also as a reward. Timecoin will be listed on the cryptocurrency exchange.
* Until Timecoin can be used as in-app currency, legal tender or points can be used in the app.