About tournament creation / editing

Tournament creation

1. Works with Discord

If you click "Hold a tournament" on the site, it will work with Discord.
* If you are not registered with Discord, please first register as a Discord member and create a server.

2. Selection of linked server

Select the server that will host the tournament and press "Yes".

3. Enter tournament information with eSportStars

The screen will change to the eSportStars tournament creation screen, so enter it according to the items.
In particular, you can collect the number of entries by describing the operator information in detail.
Also, if you want to change the Discord server to be linked, select the server from "Add Discord server".

4. Tournament creation

After completing the input, click "Create Tournament" to create the tournament.
However, it is not published on the site at this time.

5. Tournament release

Please check the entered information and click "Publish Tournament" to publish the created tournament on the site.

Tournament private

If you want to make a published tournament private, click "Make Tournament Private" to make it private.

Tournament Edit / Delete / Duplicate

When you press the button, the following menus will appear:
Edit tournament
Delete tournament
Duplicate tournament
Share tournament.
Select the desired operation from there.
In tournament sharing, you can copy the URL of the tournament you created, so please use it when making announcements on your own SNS.