What's eSportStars

  • 1You will get opportunities to compete against eSports professionals.
  • 2You will get greater opportunities to earn rewards that were only available at competitions etc.
  • 3You will get greater exposure to scouts for your talent by eSports teams.
eSports has become increasing popular with 500 million players globally. Many tournaments are now being held with a growing number of compatible games. However, there have been limited opportunities to find suitable opponents and earn rewards from eSports. With eSportStars, you will get these opportunities while playing eSports.
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How eSportStars works?

Ticket to completeSellerThe seller selects the game for a competition and includes the price/requests etc.
Ticket to completeBuyerThe buyer selects the game/seller for a competition and agrees on the date/place etc. with the seller.

With eSportStars, users can both sell tickets to offer competition opportunities and buy tickets to compete against others. The deal is done when the buyer purchases the battle ticket.

The seller can donate any proceeds to charity.Ticket sellers can also sell their tickets for any eSports related activities, such as hosting game tournaments, playing games together, talking about games, coaching games and a lot more!

Official Professional
eSports Players

You can compete against officially recognised players.


    The team “JapanKillerAngel” (JKA) is a 1st girl’s professional esports team which owns gaming houses over the world, managed by Killer Angels Co., Ltd.
    We have 3 teams; PUBG, VALORANT and Streamer.
    Our players are acting to participate in tournaments and stream as professional esports athletes.
    Our goal is to win the top of Japan and the world, so that our members are strictly selected based on their skills; our team is the strongest girl’s team in Japan.
    We are growing to be a Japanese representative team towards the esports Olympic Games and the esports World Cup.

  • GameWith


    GameWith formed a professional team in 2018 in order to create a new society where people are passionate about games, are connected through games and are proud of making a living playing games.

    Many of their professional gamers are actively engaging in esports globally representing Japan.

  • TeamYAMASA


    "TeamYAMASA" is Japan's most renowned Tekken professional team.

    TeamYAMASA competes in the Tekken World Tour and have been engaged in many official events in Japan.

    They are multi-talented; not only competing as players but also engaging in MC/commentary roles. All the members hold JeSU official pro licences.






About Us

TimeTicket Inc. provides a skill sharing economy service called TimeTicket, which has more than 200,000 registration users and it has grown the revenue more than 23 times over 3 years.The company successfully raised more than $3 Million USD. Globalway, Inc., which is its parent company, is an experienced leader in web and IT enterprises with a track record for pioneering forward-thinking solutions. Globalway’s service group has over 50 million users annually and is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. TimeTicket plans to launch TimeCoinProtocol which is the decentralized sharing economy protocol running on EOS blockchain and issue its own cryptocurrency called TimeCoin. eSportStars is one of the applications of TimeCoinProtocol. Also, the project plans to raise funds through IEO in BitForex.


Purpose of use of personal information

eSportStars will use the personal information for the following purposes:

  • (1)Announcements of campaigns, events and games.
  • (2)To provide support and communication to customers and to introduce our products and services.
  • (3)The information you register will be held and managed appropriately in accordance with our privacy policy.